Arcadia Expeditions specialises in immersive historical and cultural journeys to some of the world’s most inspiring and exotic destinations. Arcadia’s exclusive curated experiences give our discerning clients uncommon access to sites and peoples that reward the curious mind. Each expedition tells a story, with our expert team of leading academics and local guides ensuring our travellers have an experience like no other. It’s like joining the making of a documentary, but without the camera crew.



The art of storytelling

Each meticulously researched expedition is created around a theme. Our aim is to tell a story that has never been told in this type of travel format before. Whilst we include the well-known sites of a destination, and hidden gems, the story is woven throughout the journey, so that we explore a country’s history, culture and people from a different perspective.

Fully escorted by experts

Each expedition has a leadership team of two: an expert on the trip theme to narrate the story of the journey (an academic, author or researcher) plus a local guide who shares their local knowledge, culture and experience to reveal the spirit of their country. They are the ultimate travel companions, and are trained to make every part of the trip safe and seamless.

Maximum group of 
12-16 travellers

Small groups of like-minded travellers allow low-impact, intimate access to our destinations and more time with our experts. Each member of our group will be an integral part of the expedition, with our small group size allowing us to learn more about our traveller’s interests and incorporating them into the experience.

Exclusive access

Each itinerary has unique, one-off experiences that are exclusive to Arcadia Expeditions. Clients will have uncommon access to locations, people, archaeological digs, museums and other sites and experiences that other travellers only dream of.

Luxury accommodation

When travelling in major centres, we stay in 5-star properties chosen for their character, comfort and central location. More often than not, they have their own story to tell. In more remote areas, we choose the best boutique property available or set up tented camps to explore further afield.

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel philosophies are built into each of our expeditions. We help sustain and preserve communities, cultures and traditions on our travels and offer our travellers plenty of ways to leave lighter footprints and make a positive impact.


One of the key differences in joining an expedition with Arcadia is the quality of the experts who lead our trips. Many are recognised world leaders in their fields – all of them are subject-matter experts whose passion, enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge enlighten and expand the understanding of our travellers. Our team of charismatic academics, historians, archaeologists, journalists and authors are quite simply, the best in the business.


Some travellers would rather experience the world in the company of friends and family – and that’s why we offer private tailor-made departures for all of our expeditions and a bespoke service for new expedition ideas. Our highly experienced team of Expedition Designers will create a personalised itinerary exclusively for your group. We take care of all of the planning and logistics. All you have to do is let the excitement build in anticipation of a life-changing holiday.



Our Story & Our Beliefs

We are a team of storytellers and adventurers who believe that meaningful and purposeful travel experiences are a vital part of life’s journey.


Arcadia : A Responsible Business

At Arcadia Expeditions, we believe that our business has a higher purpose than simply profit. As leaders in the travel industry, we incorporate principles of Sustainability and Responsible Tourism into everything we do.


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