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COVID-19: Health & Safety Guidelines

COVID-19: Health & Safety Guidelines


What we’re doing to keep you safe

Arcadia Expeditions is fully committed to your health and safety. We are doing everything we can to ensure your travels with us are seamless and safe and to give you peace of mind in such unpredictable times.

By the very nature of our style of travel, with small group size maximums of 10, 12 or 16 clients, and most of our trips travelling predominately to remote areas, our expeditions are naturally suited to a post pandemic world. Yet we are acutely aware that we must ensure your wellbeing is looked after at all times during your travels with us.

We have introduced a range of enhanced safety measures to provide the safest possible conditions for you and our staff by implementing a set of meaningful and practical policies and protocols. These have been created in line with recommendations from public health authorities, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and following the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) Covid-19 protocols for cultural tour operators.

What to expect on your trip

Symptom Screening 

  • During our first group meeting on Day 1 of your expedition, you will undergo a temperature check and receive a health declaration form with information and questions relevant to COVID-19, such as your isolation habits, testing outcomes, or existence of signs or symptoms 14-days prior to the trip
  • Health screenings and temperature checks will be taken regularly throughout the expedition by our staff for all members of the group

Enhanced sanitation and hygiene protocols

  • We are working with our hotel providers to ensure rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests
  • Meals at hotels and restaurants will be served individually, there will be no buffet style service
  • All private transport used will be regularly cleaned and disinfected
  • We will be reducing touch-points or exposure to surface contact areas where possible such as providing contact-free check-ins at hotels
  • Throughout the trip there will be regular opportunities for hand-washing and we are working with our local partners to provide hand sanitiser at accommodation, restaurants and on transport

Physical distancing

  • Because of the symptom screening measures and health declaration protocols that we have put in place, once the expedition begins, you and your group members will form your own circle of close contacts over the course of the trip. We will continue to observe physical distancing when required or recommended in public situations by local authorities
  • The WHO recommends wearing masks in destinations with widespread community transmission when physical distancing is difficult. Our Expedition Leader and Local Guide will brief the group on when mask wearing will be appropriate in each of our destinations
  • We are particularly mindful of protecting small, remote or vulnerable populations in local communities we visit that may not have been affected by the virus. We will practise strict physical distancing measures in these instances

Response to Covid-19 presence on tour

  • If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 while travelling with us, the Arcadia team will assist you to access appropriate medical care as quickly as possible. We will follow all directions from local health authorities regarding Covid-19 testing or quarantine and assist in arranging evacuation if necessary


How you can prepare

Whilst we are working hard to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmission, you too have an important role in keeping yourself and others safe while you travel. We recommend you follow these recommendations prior to travelling with us:

  • Prior to booking your expedition, consult with your primary care provider and consult local and official advice to determine whether you fall into a vulnerable or high-risk group and should travel or not
  • Travel Insurance is compulsory for all clients embarking on an Arcadia expedition. The pandemic has added additional complexities surrounding insurance, so check your policy carefully and ensure you understand who will pay for additional costs if incurred, particularly in regard to an emergency evacuation
  • Be sure to pack your own face coverings, such as masks, neck gaiters or buffs
  • Bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser to keep close to you at all times


24/7 Support

Throughout your expedition with Arcadia, the staff at our headquarters will be available 24 hours a day to provide logistical support and advice on all health and safety issues. We will be on hand, along with our local travel partners, to help our clients navigate the evolving situation in each of our destinations.


Flexible Terms & Conditions

We want you to feel secure in signing up for one of our expeditions now, which is why we have adapted our Terms & Conditions so that you can still plan in these uncertain times. Click here to read more about the changes we have made to our normal T&C’s for trips departing in 2021 / 2022.

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