Arcadia’s team of expert Expedition Designers are constantly researching and creating innovative new itineraries to some of the world’s most exotic places.

These limited edition expeditions tell stories that have never been told in this type of travel format before and often follow routes that have never been attempted.

We intend to run all of the following expeditions in the near future. Final dates and prices are yet to be confirmed. Register your interest and we will be in touch as soon as more information is available for each expedition. If you are interested in a private departure of any of these expeditions, contact us directly.


Wine & Food in the Caucasus

Danish chef René Redzepi has described Georgia as home to “one of the last great undiscovered food cultures of Europe”, and the hospitality-trend forecaster af&co recently named it ‘Cuisine of the Year.’ We have designed a culinary expedition to experience the diverse cuisine of the Caucasus including gastronomic feasts in Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as immersing ourselves into the regions superb wine culture. Known since ancient time as ‘The Land of the Golden Fleece’, archaeological finds date the region’s wine industry to 6000 BCE with 8000 vintages made. Today, Georgia is at the forefront of traditional organic wine making methods with more than 500 grape varieties.

Morocco - The Moroccan Art of Living


The Moroccan Art of Living

This expedition explores the high culture of Morocco, taking in the stunning highlights of the country with an in-depth focus on its unique architecture, design, art and gastronomy. Exploring the bustling souks of the Imperial Cities, whitewashed medinas of the coast and jaw-dropping mountain scenery of the interior, we stay in some of Morocco’s most character-filled and iconic riads and hotels. Meeting with some of the country’s key cultural figures, we will see first-hand how the distinctive elements of Moroccan culture have inspired people around the world, including famed visitors such as Yves Saint Laurent and Matisse.


In the Footsteps of Alexander The Great

This expedition explores the incredible story of Alexander the Great’s conquest of Persia. Taking in the iconic sites of Iran, our journey traces the route of Alexander and his army, visiting some of the key battlegrounds and exploring the remains of the great cities he spared and those he destroyed. Throughout the expedition we are joined by leading Iranian archaeologists and academics who give us exclusive access to their dig sites and rare insight into the history. The expedition culminates in a search for one of Alexander’s legendary cities – Alexandria in Carmania.


Floods of Life

David Livingstone was likely the first westerner to lay eyes on the Okavango Delta in 1849, and ever since, this incredible jewel of the Kalahari has captivated all those who journey there. Today it is widely known for its extraordinary biodiversity and as one of the greatest freshwater environments on earth. However, much less is known about its origins, how it functions, the major processes that give it bountiful life and what threats it may face in the years ahead. This one-of-a-kind expedition delves deep into the story of the Okavango, exploring remote parts of the delta and investigating what can be done to meet challenges that may compromise its future.


Guardians of the Game

In the remote wilderness of Namibia, an extraordinary revolution is taking place. Wildlife and its habitat are being conserved by involving local people; and from that involvement, giving them a direct benefit from the wildlife among which they live. Our expedition puts our travellers on the front line of conservation to experience the firsthand efforts of these indigenous communities in their protection of desert elephants, black rhinos, and many other rare and endangered species, while also including the extraordinary highlights of Namibia including the Namib Desert, the Skeleton Coast and Etosha National Park.


In the Footsteps of Jim Corbett, the Tiger Hunter

A journey to the hill stations and national parks of northern India following the story of Jim Corbett, a British hunter, tracker and naturalist who successfully hunted a number of man-eating tigers and leopards.  Later in life, Corbett was a passionate promoter of India’s natural heritage and the need to conserve forests and their wildlife. His famed books recounting his hunts provide our roadmap, as we go in search of the legend and perhaps even a tiger or two along the way.


The Lost River

An exploration of the Harappan Civilization and the mystery of the Great Sarisvati River that watered it. Scientific research carried out during last 40 years has worked to prove that Sarasvati River was not a myth but an important river system with its source in the Himalayas. Lost in time, this 4×4 Expedition follows the ancient course of the river, exploring archaeological digs and visiting the rarely visited sites and villages of this remote northwestern corner of India.


Life on the Water

For thousand of years, the rich spiritual, cultural and economic life of the Burmese people has centred on its waterways. This expedition brings together two of the country’s most fascinating journeys on water – a luxury cruise on the Irrawaddy River and a sailing adventure to the Mergui Archipelago, one of the planets most unspoiled and least-visited marine environments, where we spend time with the seafaring Moken (sea gypsy) people.


Camel Caravans and Tuareg Culture

In the dead heart of the Sahara, the world’s largest desert, there’s a place called the Tenere. The Tenere takes its name from the Tuareg word for ‘nothing’ – a nothing the size of France. It’s no wonder the locals call this place ‘The Land of Fear’. On this 4×4 adventure, we attend the annual Camel Festival in Timia, meet the silversmith and sword makers of the Aiir Mountains and explore ancient ghost fortresses and ruined cities. We walk with the great salt caravans, witnessing the largest conglomeration of camel caravans in the world as they load their salt and travel across ancient trade routes.


Do you have an idea for a theme that we don’t have yet in our suite of expeditions? If so, we would love to hear about it and, if we believe we can create an expedition to match, work with you to make it happen for your private group. As a company that is committed to creating truly unique expeditions to the worlds most inspiring and exotic destinations, we have the expertise and network of global contacts to make even the most whimsical ideas come to life.