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Casablanca | Rabat | Asilah | Tangier | Tetouan | Chefchaouen | Fes | Volubilis | Meknes Vineyards | Marrakech


16 Days


Hamza El Fasiki


17th September – 2nd October 2023


Maximum 16 travellers






The Moroccan Art of Living

Whilst Morocco’s remarkable architecture and gastronomy needs no introduction, it is the Moroccan design, fashion and art scene that has taken the world by storm in recent years. The world is waking up to what the people of Morocco have known for centuries – their country is in possession of a rich heritage and an extraordinary culture that brings joy and colour to their everyday lives.

Standing at the juncture of the African, Arab and Mediterranean worlds, magic is everywhere in Morocco. Visitors are dazzled by a breathtaking combination of magnificent architectural shapes, ornate decorative finishes and sublime one-of-a-kind objects.

Above all, it is the Moroccan commitment to the handmade that sets it apart. The extraordinary melting pot of indigenous Berber, Roman, Jewish, Islamic, Spanish and French historical artistic influences have been preserved and kept alive by passing down artisanal traditions from one generation to the next. Not only have Moroccans retained this deep and unbroken connection with their past, but they have also expertly combined their ancient techniques and know-how with outstanding innovation to adapt their creations for 21st century living.

Led by renowned craftsman and cultural expert Hamza El Fasiki, this expedition explores the high culture of Morocco, taking in the stunning highlights of the country with an in-depth focus on its unique architecture, design, art and gastronomy. We lift the curtain on the dynamic Moroccan artistic scene, with privileged, never-before-seen access to some of the country’s key cultural figures, including master artisans, art dealers, curators and design experts.

Staying in some of Morocco’s most character-filled and iconic riads and hotels, we explore the bustling souks of the Imperial Cities, whitewashed medinas of the coast and jaw-dropping mountain scenery of the interior. Our exotic adventure discovers a heady mix of the old and the new, seeing first-hand how the iconic Moroccan aesthetic has inspired people around the world, including famed creatives and artists such as Yves Saint Laurent and Matisse.

Expedition Highlights

Travel in the company of renowned craftsman and cultural expert Hamza El Fasiki and meet with prominent local artisans, curators, architects, artists and design experts

Wander through the ancient UNESCO World Heritage Listed medinas of Tetouan, Fes and Marrakech

Visit the vineyards of Meknes, a well-kept secret, and sample a special wine-tasting lunch in a 1930’s French colonial villa

Take an in-depth look at the life of some of the personalities who have been inspired by the modern Moroccan style, including Yves Saint Laurent

Hear the stories of Tangier’s intriguing and mischievous past on a specially designed Art and Literature walk

Experience delicious Moroccan cuisine through street food tours and dining at the country’s very best restaurants

Stay in the country’s finest hotels and riads, including Marrakech’s legendary La Mamounia and the sumptuous tribute to Moroccan architecture and design, Riad Fes


Every Arcadia expedition provides you insider access to the most unforgettable and thought-provoking local experiences, curated exclusively by us for our travellers. Here are some of the Arcadia Exclusives on this trip:

Day 01 – Arrive Casablanca

Upon arrival into Casablanca, you are met at the airport by an Arcadia representative, who will transfer you by private vehicle to your hotel.


After our 4pm group meeting, we begin our expedition in retro style with a sumptuous welcome dinner at the legendary Rick’s Cafe, a converted Moroccan riad designed to recreate the iconic piano bar in the cult 1942 film Casablanca.


Arcadia Exclusive
Tonight at Rick’s Café, we go behind the scenes to explore how this run-down 1930’s riad was transformed into an iconic Casablanca landmark. The restaurant’s manager Issam, who also doubles as the Café’s resident piano player, will share with us the story of how the legendary ‘gin joint’ of cinema fame was brought to life by Bill Willis, a renowned Marrakech-based American designer who first discovered the delights of Morocco with Talitha and John Paul Getty Jnr. Willis was a major figure in modern Moroccan design and is credited with reviving North African design elements, such as tadelakt and zelij tile work, that were on the verge of extinction.


Le Casablanca Hotel | Meals: D

Day 02 – Casablanca to Rabat

Casablanca’s monumental Hassan II Mosque is the largest mosque in Africa and its 60-story high minaret is the tallest religious structure in the world. This architectural masterpiece is the most ambitious structure ever built in Morocco, taking 35,000 workers seven years to complete. This morning, we savour the atmosphere of this venerated place, and learn about the mosques key architectural features, which beautifully blends modernism with traditional Islamic, Moorish and Moroccan elements.


After lunch in the Andalusian-inspired gardens of an 18th century fort, we drive north to Morocco’s capital Rabat and check in to our elegant hotel, once home to Thami El Glaoui, the last Pasha of Marrakech and at the time one of the world’s richest men.


Tonight, we head to the compact medina of Rabat for a taste of traditional Moroccan cuisine at one of the city’s finest restaurants. Set in the stunning courtyard of an old riad, we feast on tagine and couscous accompanied by the soothing sound of traditional Moroccan music.


Tour Hassan Palace | Meals: B,L,D

Day 03 - Rabat

We begin our exploration of Rabat with a visit to the Hassan Tower, an unfinished red sandstone minaret which, when construction began in 1195, was intended to be part of the world’s largest mosque. Next door we admire the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, an exquisite example of modern Alaouite dynasty architecture characterised by colourful zelij mosaics and an outstanding hand-carved cedar and gold leaf ceiling.


Arcadia Exclusive
Our engagement with the modern Moroccan art scene commences today with a private tour of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Led by the museum’s curator, we learn about the emergence of modern art in Morocco and view works from recognised and rising local artists.


After lunch at Villa Mandarine, a peaceful garden oasis on the outskirts of Rabat, we explore the ruins of Chellah, an abandoned Roman city that was transformed in the 13th Century to an Islamic Marinide fortress and necropolis. Evidence of both civilisations remain, including a Roman triumphal arch, ornamental fountain and tombs of Muslim sultans.


We then stop for tea at the commanding Oudaya Kasbah, a vast network of ancient forts, mosques and gardens overlooking the Atlantic Ocean first established during the Almohad period of the 12th Century. We finish our day wandering along the nearby Rue de Consuls, the medina’s main thoroughfare and home to some of the city’s best artisan shops and small art galleries.


Tour Hassan Palace | Meals: B,L

Day 04 – Asilah to Tangier

We head north to the charming seaside town of Asilah this morning, one of Morocco’s premier artist enclaves. Conquered by the Portuguese in 1471 and later part of Spanish Morocco, Mediterranean architectural influences can be found throughout Asilah, including its original Portuguese ramparts.


Arcadia Exclusive
This morning we are taken on a private walking tour of Asilah’s medina by a renowned local artist to discover it’s famed art scene. We stroll the atmospheric streets, lined with buildings painted white with decorative blue tones, and chat with some local artists, visiting some of their eclectic workshops and galleries.


This afternoon we drive to Tangier, the cosmopolitan enclave at the juncture of Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. The city has always enjoyed a heady mix of cultural influences, attracting a notable collection of artists, writers and eccentrics over the years.


Tonight we head to the rooftop terrace of one of Tangier’s most elegant hotels, the Nord-Pinus, a former 18th Century palace. Perched at the highest point of the Kasbah district, we enjoy sunset cocktails and a lavish dinner with magical views of the Strait of Gibraltar.


Fairmont Tazi Palace | Meals: B,D

Day 05 – Tangier

Today we immerse ourselves in the uniquely international flavour of Tangier, exploring the sights and hearing stories from the city’s intriguing past when Tennessee Williams, Paul Bowles and Errol Flynn, among others, helped to establish Tangier’s reputation as the pleasure capital of the rich and famous.


Arcadia Exclusive
We have an exclusive curator-led visit to the Dar-el Makhzen, an historic building that was once the seat of residence for the Sultans of Morocco. Within the Sultan’s former apartments, the Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities is now housed. The Museum’s curator will lead us through the rich artefacts on display, including ancient firearms, carpets, paintings and Roman mosaics.


We wander through the Mendoubia Gardens, flanked by an elegant line of colonial buildings, visit the Anglican church of Saint Andrew and stroll through Berber markets and the ancient hilltop Kasbah area.


Arcadia Exclusive
After lunch we embark on a specially designed art and literature tour. Tangier became a mecca for French painters from the 19th century. Delacroix, considered one of the last Old Masters, was the first renowned painter to visit Morocco. He was followed by a number of important Orientalist painters and Henri Matisse, whose time in Tangier made an immense impression on him and inspired much of his work. We explore the Grand Socco, the plaza that serves as the gateway to Tangier´s medina, and stop by the Gran Café de Paris in the old medina’s busy central square, the haunt of Bowles, William Burroughs and their Beat friends who gathered here to discuss life and literature while mingling among double agents and expats during the notorious time of international rule.


Fairmont Tazi Palace | Meals: B

Day 06 – Tetouan to Chefchaouen

We depart Tangier and take the short drive to Tetouan, a lovely, whitewashed town that sits spectacularly at the foot of the Rif Mountains. Once the capital of the Spanish protectorate of Morocco, Tetouan has a fascinating blend of Arabic and Spanish culture and architecture.


We spend the morning exploring the wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Listed medina. We walk the winding lanes of the souk, discover the Jewish and Spanish quarters and visit the Royal Artisan School. Here we observe masters teaching apprentices in 10 ancient crafts and gain an insight into how the Kingdom is keeping its ancient traditions alive.


We continue on to Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl, the laid-back mountain town which is one of the prettiest places in the country.


Dar Echchaouen | Meals: B

Day 07 – Chefchaouen to Fes

Arcadia Exclusive
The bright-blue buildings and charming cobblestone medina of Chefchaouen has made it a photographers favourite. This morning, we have a private photography workshop with a professional photographer, who will take our group on a walking tour of the medina. We take in some of the major sites, as well as some of the medina’s hidden spots, as our guide passes on tips on how to capture this remarkable place on your camera.


We drive south this afternoon and arrive in the Imperial city of Fes, our home for the next four nights. We are staying inside the walls of the ancient medina at the incredible Riad Fes, which is in itself an exotic work of art. Reminiscent of the Arabian Nights, Riad Fes is a dream of fine craftsmanship and exquisite Moroccan architecture that oozes old world charm. Tonight we dine in the exquisite restaurant of Riad Fes.


Riad Fes | Meals: B,D

Day 08 – Fes

Fes is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world. Founded in the 8th century by the Idrisid dynasty, the medina is home to exceptional architectural sites, madrasas, ancient palaces, enchanting hidden gardens and atmospheric souks. The medina is also the largest urban pedestrian zone in the world, making it ideal for exploring on foot and observing the rich tapestry of life that exists within its walls.


This morning our Storyteller Hamza, a Fes native, guides us on an architectural walking tour. Exploring the medina’s labyrinth of alleyways, Hamza gives us an in-depth look at the city’s living past as we visit some of the most exceptional architecture gems in the country, including the 14th Century madrasas of Al-Attarine and Bou Inania, whose elaborately refined decorations are considered the high point of Marinid architecture.


This afternoon we have curated a special activity for our group – a hands-on Islamic Geometry lesson with Hamza in his own workshop. We will learn about the wealth of geometric designs found in many of Morocco’s traditional buildings and mosques and the concept of Islamic arabesque through the use of its basic geometric instruments – a compass and ruler, which you can then put to use to create your own design under Hamza’s expert eye.


Arcadia Exclusive
Tonight, we are guided through the medina by lantern to one of the best and most beautiful restaurants in Fes – Dar Roumana. An outstanding example of a traditional Fassi home, built by a family of olive oil merchants in the late 1800’s, the quality of craftsmanship on display is breathtaking. We are accompanied over dinner by an expert from ADER Fes, a government agency set up to oversee the ambitious restoration of the medina. We learn first-hand how ADER’s extensive team of architects and engineers have gone about restoring some of the city’s ancient buildings and key monuments.


Riad Fes | Meals: B,L,D

Day 09 – Fes

Today we have created the ultimate Fes food experience. After a sleep in at the hotel, our culinary adventure begins with a street food walking tour for lunch, visiting hidden parts of the medina well away from the tourist crowds. We meet local vendors at fresh food markets and learn how to select the very best ingredients. Exploring small alleyways and secret spots known only to locals, we sample a variety of tasty treats from traditional food stalls and street café’s while we walk.


After a free afternoon to rest at the hotel, perhaps lazing by the pool or indulging in a massage, we return deep into the medina to dine at Nur, the restaurant of celebrated Moroccan chef Najat Kaanache. Each morning Najat and her team source the best available produce from within the Fes medina and construct a largely improvisational degustation menu made up of 9 courses. This is a very modern and decadent take on Moroccan cuisine, and it’s easy to see how Najat’s avant-garde approach to cooking has earned her numerous awards including Nur being named the world’s best Moroccan restaurant at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards in 2017.


Riad Fes | Meals: B,L,D

Day 10 – Fes & Volubilis

This morning our focus is on the famed artisans of Fes, widely considered to be some of the best in Morocco, where we delve deeper into the ornamentation and decorative techniques we have seen on our architectural tour of this morning.


We visit a zelij workshop to meet local master craftsmen and learn more about how the intricate geometric patterns that adorn the palaces, mansions and mosques of Fes are created using an astounding variety of coloured glazed terracotta tiles. After engaging with copper, brass and wood craftsmen, we then venture into the depths of the tanneries, a colourful leather dying souk where the exclusively manual production techniques have changed little since its inception in the 11th Century.


This afternoon we travel to the fertile agricultural plains outside of Fes to visit the ancient ruins of Volubilis. An important outpost of the Roman Empire founded in the 3rd Century B.C.E, Volubilis is one of the best-preserved Roman sites in North Africa. A superb example of Roman urban development, and a graphic illustration of the interface between the Roman and local cultures, excavations at the site have revealed extensive epigraphic remains and beautiful mosaic floors.


Riad Fes | Meals: B

Day 11 – Meknes Vineyards

With its temperate climate, the fertile plains around Meknes have produced wines since Roman times, with the industry developing further under French colonial rule. This morning we will visit two of Morocco’s finest vineyards to learn more about Moroccan wine and taste some of its best varieties.


Our first stop is Chateau Roslane, the oldest wine producer in Morocco and the first estate permitted to use the Chateau name. We tour the cellars and taste some of their award-winning wine. We then move on to the boutique vineyard of Domaine de la Zouina, where we meet Christophe, the chief winemaker, who has used his experience in Bordeaux to create some of Morocco’s best wines, including delicious whites, rosés and the Moroccan favourite ‘gris’, made from Caladoc and Marselan grapes. We tour the vineyards and share a specially prepared private lunch in a charming French colonial villa dating back to the 1930’s, matched with wines from the vineyard and samples of their outstanding goats cheese and olive oil, which won the title of Best Olive Oil in the World in 2006.


After lunch, we drive to Rabat and spend the night in the elegant surrounds of the Tour Hassan Palace Hotel.


Tour Hassan Palace | Meals: B,L

Day 12 – Marrakech

This morning we drive south to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains as we reach Marrakech, our home for the next four nights. The fabled ochre city has been founded over 1000 years ago by the Almoravid dynasty and still beats to an old-age rhythm. Like Fes, Marrakech is famed for its outstanding centuries-old artisanship. Yet over the last few decades, this vibrant city has boomed as one of Africa’s key hubs for contemporary art, architecture and design. We will explore different facets of this creative dynamic that blends the old and the new, meeting some of Marrakech’s key cultural influencers and looking back at some of the personalities who were deeply inspired and influenced by the richness of the Moroccan art of living, and who in turn, left their own indelible footprint.


We check in to the iconic La Mamounia, an opulent palace hotel set amidst 15 hectares of luxuriant gardens. Since its inception in the late 1920’s, La Mamounia has hosted a range of famous guests from heads of state and Hollywood celebrities to rock stars.


After a restful and relaxing afternoon in this sanctuary of calm and luxury, we will be immersed in the captivating energy of the mythical Jamaa El Fna square, one of the world’s great spectacles, where for centuries locals have gathered to watch storytellers, magicians and performers. We will be dining this evening in the company of belly dancers and local musicians at one of the best Moroccan restaurants overlooking the square.


La Mamounia | Meals: B,L,D

Day 13 – Marrakech

This morning we take a horse-drawn carriage to the Majorelle Gardens, where we begin our in-depth look at legendary French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, for whom Morocco had a profound influence. Saint Laurent bought a house 9 days after arriving for the first time in Marrakech and had residences here for the rest of his life. According to the man himself, it was in Morocco where he discovered colour and the palette he would use in his creative work.


We stroll through the magnificent Majorelle Gardens, bought by Yves Saint Laurent in 1980 and originally established by the French Orientalist painter Jacques Majorelle. We stop by the memorial in the rose garden, marking the spot where the ashes of Saint Laurent were scattered. We also visit a small museum within the garden that beautifully showcases the private collection of Saint Laurent and his companion Bergé of exceptional pieces of Berber Art. We then visit the nearby Yves Saint Laurent Museum, housed in an architectural masterwork designed by iconic French/Moroccan architects Studio KO. The museum is dedicated to the work of the master couturier and displays thousands of items of clothing, haute couture accessories and sketches. We finish our morning browsing the concept stores of the area to gain an insight into the young Moroccan creative design scene.


Lunch today is at the charming Le Grand Café de la Poste, a French brasserie housed in a 1920’s post office building. The wonderfully restored interiors, lined with antique ceiling fans and art deco motifs, give off an elegant roaring twenties vibe.


Our next adventure is to the Secret Garden. Part of this peaceful oasis is a faithful reconstruction of an Islamic paradise garden, where we learn about the Koranic symbolism of its layout – an earthly metaphor for heaven – and the rigid geometrical rules from which the garden and its irrigation system has been constructed.


Arcadia Exclusive
We wind our way deep into the backstreets of the medina to Dar Cherifa, a 16th Century architectural masterpiece that is one of the oldest riads in Marrakech. In this tranquil setting, Arcadia has arranged an exclusive performance of the art of Al-Halqà, the ancient artform of Moroccan storytelling. A recent movement to preserve this oral tradition has seen the last of the old storytellers pass down their stories and fables to young apprentices. With a mint tea in hand, we are first treated to a story in Arabic from the Haj, one of the remaining master storytellers who has been performing since the 1950’s, followed by an English translation from one of his students.


This evening is free to dine at the hotel or sample one of the many excellent restaurants that Marrakech offers.


La Mamounia | Meals: B,L

Day 14 – Marrakech

Today is a feast for the senses as we explore the delights of the Marrakech medina. We discover bustling souks, walking through a maze of laneways and covered markets that are bursting with energy, and stop by the Spice Square where herbalists and spice traders have been selling for centuries everything from snakeskins and chameleons to rose petals and saffron.


This morning, we visit the Saadian Tombs, a 16th Century royal burial ground whose richly decorated chambers of marble columns, hand-carved stucco and elaborate cedar wood ceilings represent the finest remaining work of the Saadian dynasty.


We then go to the Museum of Moroccan Culinary Art, where we immerse ourselves into Morocco’s distinguished food heritage and hear the story behind the country’s most famed dishes and flavours. We indulge in an exquisite lunch at the Museum’s rooftop restaurant.


Following a stroll through the heart of the medina, where we observe master leather, brass and filigree craftsmen at work, we will give you a small glimpse into the Moroccan shopping experience. Thanks to our partner LALLAZI Architecture & Lifestyle, we will be given privileged access to a hidden bazaar featuring some of the best Moroccan antique and contemporary rugs followed by a visit to a veritable Aladdin’s Cave, home to an incredible selection of interior design gems. Our partner’s team can also arrange for any purchased items to be shipped to your home country.


Arcadia Exclusive
We embark on a private tour with the curator of Dar Si Said, a former palace that is home to the National Museum of Weaving and Carpets. Filled with antique carpets from all over the country, we learn about the history and social significance of the many different forms of Moroccan carpet-making, from rural weavings to urban looms. The sumptuous interiors and courtyards of this building includes a rare marble basin imported from Islamic Spain in the 11th Century.


La Mamounia | Meals: B,L

Day 15 – Marrakech

This morning our travellers can choose from the following included options in Marrakech:


Art tour of Marrakech
Accompanied by one of Marrakech’s leading art dealers, we discover the best of the city’s bourgeoning art scene. We visit the ground-breaking MACAAL, a museum dedicated to African contemporary art, the private MACMA gallery which showcases the work of contemporary and historic Moroccan artists and finally to the very intimate Orientalist Museum, where we will be guided through this splendid collection featuring works by Majorelle, Dali and Delacroix.


Shopping extravaganza
In partnership with LALLAZI Architecture & Lifestyle, one of the leading connoisseurs in the Moroccan art of living, we join our local shopping expert to go on our very own tailored treasure hunt of Marrakech. Be it fashion & accessories, lighting, interiors or antiques, we will give you access to an exclusive selection of showrooms selling the very best Moroccan pieces, hand-picked by LallaZi herself from her little black book.


Moroccan Cooking Class
Discover the secrets of Moroccan gastronomy during a hands-on cooking class in the refined surrounds of the Museum of Moroccan Culinary Art. Jump into the kitchen and learn from expert chefs how to make delicious Moroccan salads and a mouth-watering tagines. You’ll get to savour the fruits of your labour and take home new skills to recreate the authentic flavour of Morocco.


This afternoon is free to relax at your hotel, take in more of the sights and sounds of this intoxicating city or to enjoy one of the most enchanting of Moroccan rituals – a massage and hammam at one of the city’s best spas.


Arcadia Exclusive
This evening we have a very special farewell dinner organised at the grande dame of Marrakech Moroccan restaurants, Dar Yacout. We arrive to the restaurant before opening to have an exclusive architectural tour of this orientalist fantasy, which was worked on for many years by Bill Willis and is considered one of his finest commercial projects. The restaurant owner guides us around the sumptuous rooms, revealing how the intimate collaboration between his late father and Willis created the uniqueness of this iconic place. Ultra-plush Moroccan traditions has been successfully paired with sleeker, pared-down western aesthetics to reveal a dreamy masterpiece of Moroccan architecture. We sip champagne beneath the stars on the rooftop before feasting together on a traditional Moroccan banquet.


La Mamounia | Meals: B,D

Day 16 – Depart from Marrakech or Casablanca

With the expedition coming to an end, take a private transfer to either Marrakech or Casablanca airports or embark on further adventures. Our Sahara Desert and Essaouira trip extensions depart this morning.


Meals: B



Expedition Leader - Hamza El Fasiki

Hamza El Fasiki

Hamza is a multidisciplinary craftsman, social entrepreneur and author from Morocco who is based between Fes and Portsmouth, England. He comes from a long line of craftsmen and craftswomen and apprenticed under his father, a master artisan who for many years was the head of the brass guild in Fes.

In 2014 Hamza received his Master’s in Moroccan Cultural Studies with a research focus on Moroccan craft guilds and entrepreneurship. He is an Andalusian musician, a skilled artisan of Moroccan geometric patterns, brass engraving and bookbinding and is the author of two books and other academic works. Hamza has professional experience as a trainer, facilitator and consultant in both traditional arts and social entrepreneurship in Morocco, USA, UK, Australia and many other countries. He is also a teaching fellow of Moroccan geometric arts for students of design and architecture at the Université Euro-Méditerranéenne de Fès in Morocco.

Hamza has an unmatched passion for Moroccan culture, architecture and artisanship. Upon the realisation that the connection with the old crafts in Morocco was declining, he formulated his mission, which is to bring the traditional knowledge to the masses through learning, sharing, and inviting both locals and foreigners to take part in unique exchanges. He is the founder and instructor of Craft Draft, an art studio with offices in Portsmouth and Fes, offering workshops aimed at preserving a number of traditional Moroccan crafts.



12750 USD


17th September - 2nd October 2023


  • Meals as per itinerary (15 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners) including welcome and farewell dinners
  • Private airport transfers (arrival and departure)
  • VIP fast-track arrival service at Casablanca airport
  • Accommodation as stated on a twin-share basis
  • Porterage at airports and hotels
  • All land transport by private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Services of an Arcadia Expedition Leader and English-speaking local guide throughout
  • Sightseeing as specified including entrance fees to sites mentioned in itinerary
  • Reusable responsible travel water bottle with daily drinking water provided
  • Gratuities/tipping for local guides, drivers, hotel staff and restaurants for included meals
  • All taxes


  • Return international flights
  • Passport and visa charges
  • Items of a purely personal nature (i.e., telephone calls, laundry etc)
  • Excess luggage
  • Lunch and dinners not specifically mentioned as included in itinerary
  • Travel insurance


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